FUN FACT: There is no perfect...there’s just art that never got made. Which would you prefer to have? Invigorating, fun perfectly imperfect brilliant & quirky art? Or a whole bunch of nothingness blah, & regrets about the art you never dared to make or purchase?

The mission of MARIETTA MAKERY is to cultivate FUNctional Art & Design through artwork MADE by a diverse group of insanely talented artists; offer opportunities to MAKE art at home through creative kits, couture paint & art supplies; AND offer creative workshops to instil a further love of MAKING. 

Everyone is an artist in some form or another....I know, I didn’t believe that for a long time either & maybe you feel the same way, too.  But, IT IS TRUE.  Art lives in the quiet of your mind and in the spark of your soul.  Maybe you "art" with words. Maybe you "art" with cooking.  Maybe you "art" with paint.  So if you are still hung up with the word "ART" then let's just change that to "CREATE"... because no matter your skill level... you create in some way or another every single day..

As a creative... you are in one of two camps: a minimal amount of tools & supplies  OR your art supplies borders on what can only be described as an Art Horder... or Hordarter, if you will.  I fall in the latter camp... so every artistic took has been tested by me.  I cannot wait to share my love of all things MADE